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Preface Opening Speech by H.E. Mr. Osman Pepe, Minister of Environment and Forestry, Turkey Opening Speech by Prof. Hasan Sarikaya, Chairman of the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution Scientific Priorities as perceived by the Black Sea scientific community List of Participants

1st Biannual Scientific Conference

The Black Sea Ecosystem 2006 and Beyond

 Scientific Priorities As Perceived by the Black Sea Scientific Community

General Oceanography and Climate Change

Discussion of interannual-to-interdecadal variability of the  Black Sea meterological and oceanographic fields showed that regional changes are under strong control of the global  processes in the climatic system and anthropogenic pressure.

The Following Problems Have Been Emphasized:

General Recommendations

Physical Oceanography:  Priority Research Area

Physical Oceanography:  Observations and Monitoring.

Physical Oceanography:   Modeling and Monitoring

Hydrochemistry :  Priority Research Area



indicators of Black Sea Climate Change


Marine Living Resources

1.         Operational issues 

2.      Thematic issues

Black Sea Cetaceans:

Basin-wide cetaceans survey is urgently needed

Black Sea Radioactivity and Radiotracer Applications: Priorities for Future Work


Radiotracers Application in interdisciplinary Study

Marine Living Resources

Essential Organizational Measures