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Metadata directories at the Black Sea Scene project website

European metadata directories at the SeaDataNet project website

Turkish National Oceanographic Data Inventory

Oceanographic Data Inventory of IMS METU

ECOLEX Information Service on Environmental Law. ECOLEX combines environmental law information holdings of the three partner organizations FAO, IUCN and UNEP. The pool of ECOLEX data is impressive; it contains comprehensive bibliographic and analytical information as well as full text links to more than 1,100 multilateral and bilateral agreements, 62,000 on national legislation, 420 court decisions and 28,000 records on literature on law and policy.

Online Data Bases and Portals

Physical Oceanography

NATO SfP Black Sea Database. Database includes all main physical, chemical and biological variables for the entire Black Sea basin for period 1954 - 1996 and serves as a base line for contemporary and future research activities and management purposes in the region. (Query Database to retrieve data)

National Oceanographic Data Centre of Ukraine (NODC). The Oceanographic Data Base of Marine Hydrophysical Institute includes more than 114 thousand hydrological for period 1890-2007. It contains all the data for the Black Sea which were obtained by MHI and another Ukrainian organizations. Open this link for data access and choose "Select Data" menu.

World Ocean Database 2009. WOD-2009 is the largest, most comprehensive collection of scientific information about the oceans with records dating as far back as 1800. Black Sea data can be retrieved using WOD Select and Search tool or downloaded from section Geographically sorted data (for Black Sea region select data from WMO squares 1402-1404).

Common Data Index (CDI) data access service at the SeaDataNet portal. CDI provides access to individual datasets (such as samples, timeseries, profiles, trajectories, etc) of members of the SeaDataNet infrastructure, which combines informational resources of 40 national oceanographic data centres and marine data centres from 35 countries riparian to all European seas. The process of data retrieval is organized in search&shop way and is explained in details at the CDI webpage. User registrationis is mandatory, and user access to data depends on obtained user licence.

Data Access service - CDI at the Black Sea Scene project website

  • Query the Black Sea Common Data Index (CDI) V2 (meta)data access service - Quick Search
  • Query the Black Sea Common Data Index (CDI) V2 (meta)data access service - Extended Search

Oceanographic Database of the Hellenic National Oceanographic Data Centre. (Instruction for users)

User can request the data of his/her interest by:
->Filling out the Online Request Form
->Searching on-line the National Oceanographic Data Base
In order to request the data, user have to fill user form. Retrieval, by electronic download, and the use of data is free of charge, unless otherwise stipulated.

Argo floats data at the Argo Information Centre. (Instruction for users)

1) Click the Globe picture on the web page to open the status.kmz in Google Earth.
2) Zooming the Google Earth to the Black Sea extent find out the IDs (Float_ID) of floats deployed in the Black Sea.
3) Access trajectory maps and profile graphs of the particular float (by Float_ID) through the CORIOLIS web page.
4) Download float's data from the[Float_ID]/.

BULARGO - Bulgarian research infrastructure as a component of the Euro ARGO network. See also: BULARGO on Google (note: use argo/ argo login to enter Report Server)

Black Sea Observations (Chlorophyll, water-leaving radiance, SST, etc) at the MyOcean Project website

Biology & Ecosystem

Black Sea Zooplankton Checklist

Black Sea Phytoplankton Checklist

Black Sea species in the FishBase

Rapana venosa in Black Sea at the Global invasive spesies database

The AquaInvader Database and GIS at the Regional Euro-Asian Biological Invasions Centre (REABIC)

Black Sea Ecosystem information at the Sea Around Us Project website.

Satellite Data and Images

The Blackseacolor Website with information on Black Sea Color data processing and distribution at Marine Hydrophysical Institute - MHI

Bio-Optical Characteristics of the Barents, White, Black, and Caspian Seas from Data of Satellite Ocean Color Scanners

GIOVANNI - Ocean Color Radiometry Online Visualization and Analysis. Global Monthly Products (Chlorophyll, water-leaving radiance, SST, etc).

OceanColor web (Chlorophyll, water-leaving radiance, SST, etc).

Marine portal National Space Agency of Ukraine (NSAU). SST from NOAA satellites, Chlorophyll. Note: data are accessible upon registration.

Map of Sea Level Anomalies (M)SLA & geostrophic velocity anomalies and Seasonal mean and Climatology Maps of Sea Level Anomalies & geostrophic velocities.

Maps and Graphics

GIWA Black Sea graphics


SeaDataNet climatologies:

Climatic atlas for the Black Sea at the website of National Oceanographic Data Centre of Ukraine.

Black Sea product SeaDataNet. Black Sea Climatic maps and fields prepared for in-situ physical parameters and characteristics of O2-H2S interaction zone. Averaged maps and fields of sea surface parameters obtained from satellite data.

Climatic Atlas of the Black Sea produced at the National Oceanographic Data Center of Russian Federation (in Russian).

Modeling and Forecast

European Costal sea Operational observing and Forecasting System (ECOOP) Project Products

Sea Temperature and Current velocity. The project FP7-SPACE-2007-1: My Ocean-WP10-BS

3-day weather forecast over the Black Sea. MM5 v.3.7 mesoscale model

Black Sea Physics Analysis and Forecast (Currents, Sea level, Temperature, Salinity) at the MyOcean Project website


Web-G.I.S. Observatory Network for the Environmental and Sustainable Development of the Black Sea Area at International Centre for Black Sea Studies (ICBSS)


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