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Preface Opening Speech by H.E. Mr. Osman Pepe, Minister of Environment and Forestry, Turkey Opening Speech by Prof. Hasan Sarikaya, Chairman of the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution Scientific Priorities as perceived by the Black Sea scientific community List of Participants

1st Biannual Scientific Conference

The Black Sea Ecosystem 2006 and Beyond

Objectives of the Conference

provide the opportunity to the scientific community and policy makers to meet and discuss their experiences and achievements in order to improve the scientific basis for implementing the Strategic Action Plan for Rehabilitation and Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

identify gaps in knowledge and emerging problems that will require in depth scientific studies and attention of the Commission on the Protection of the Black Sea Against Pollution

identify priorities for the future scientific research in support of environmental decision making in the Black Sea

the Conference Program Was Structured As Follows:

1.         General Oceanography and Climate Change: physical oceanography, chemical oceanography, coastal processes, biological oceanography, climate change (reference conditions, trends, future scenarios)

2.         Geology and Geochemistry (reference conditions, trends, future scenarios)

3.         Pollution (sources, distributions, special and temporal trends in water, bottom sediments and biota, impact on ecosystem functioning)

4.         Radioactivity (sources, distributions and time-trends of radionuclides in the Black Sea environment; radioactivity budgets; radiological doses to humans and marine biota)

5.         Biodiversity (long-term changes as the result of anthropogenic impact, state of Black ecosystem biological components, reference conditions, indicators)

6.         Marine living resources (critical habitats, pelagic and benthic biomes, impact of fisheries on Black Sea ecosystem)

7.         Pressures from human activities and scenarios of their evolution

8.         Interdisciplinary Modeling and Prediction

9.         Round table discussion:  Black Sea Science Plan in Support to Policy Making

The Conference also included two by-side events

Working Group of Anchovies Stock Assessment Methodology

Round Table on Conservation of the Black Sea Cetaceans

At the end of the Conference an award ceremony was held recognizing efforts of Outstanding Achievements in the Black Sea Sciences of the most prominent Black Sea scientists that dedicated their lives to the Black Sea studies and whose works are cited literally by each Black Sea scientist:

Prof. Yuri Ivanovich Sorokin - Doctor in Biological Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Russian Federation

Prof. Mikhail Yevgenievich Vinogradov, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Member of the Russian Academy of Ecological Sciences, Foreign Member of Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Yuvenaly Petrovich Zaitsev, Professor, Doctor of Biological Sciences, Full Member of National Academy of Sciences, Ukraine.  

Also the Black Sea Commission recognized achievements of Dr. Erdogan Okus, Professor of Istanbul University, Turkey, post mortem.

Maria Panayotova, Bulgaria, was awarded with Prof. Kamen Prodanov’s Award for the best paper of the conference among young researcher (of the age under 35).

The Conference Produced:

1.         Recommendations for scientific research priorities as they are perceived by the Black Sea Scientific Community

2.         Recommendation for Black Sea priorities in cetaceans conservation (attached to the Black Sea Cetaceans Conservation Plan)

3.         Draft Methodology for the Black Sea Anchovies Stock Assessment (attached to the Sectoral FOMLR Report)

4.         Book of Abstracts

5.         Proceedings

6.         A Working Group for Drafting the Concept for the 2nd Biannual Black Sea Scientific Conference was established.

For the first Black Sea Scientific Conference all submitted abstracts were accepted with the purpose to achieve greater outreach and publicity of the interest of the Black Sea Commission in the scientific research conducted in the Black Sea.  The overall number of the registered participants together with the organizers and guests exceeded 180 persons.   Scientists from 14 countries took part in the conference. 

The Black Sea Commission expresses its gratitude for the generous and timely support in organization of the Conference to the Ministry of the Environment and Forestry of Turkey